Thursday, December 06, 2007

24, test week, Caspian trailer, forum...

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a beautiful day, first of all, it was Sinterklaas in the Netherlands (check wikipedia for more info: here ), that's about the best holiday out here (maybe except for christmas), and everyone is in this great mood :D. So that was cool! But also another reason why yesterday was a great day: the Prince Caspian trailer was released!!!!!!!!!!!! (You can view it on Narniafans.)

I must say that i am very happy about this, and definately excited for the upcoming movie. And also very relieved because the trailer did look awesome. The four pevensies look great again (my, Georgie has grown lots!), and i even didn't dislike William this time :p. Anyway, the scenes are very promising, and i'm definately looking forward to the duel between Peter and Miraz (and especially the interaction between Edmund and Peter at the moment, because that is the second-best part of the book!). The part i'm looking forward to the most is the 'almost waking of the trees', you know: when Lucy tries to talk to them, but they don't wake just yet. And then she can see Aslan, but the others can't, and they walk to Aslan's how, based on what Lucy is saying. That will be awesome!! (hopefully)

Just finished my test week, i only had 3 :D. First math, it went really well (teacher said i got somewhere around the 8, so that's really good, and i'm really happy!), then i had chemistry, that went horrible (fortunately i expected that, and everyone thought it was horrible, so...), and today i had Dutch, and i think it went okay.

But it's over now :D.

Then 24: i don't know if you guys/girls know the show, but it is awesome! It's about this federal agent, called Jack Bauer, and he is in all kind of trouble all the time (mainly fighting terrorists, but whatever). It's either the best or the second best (after LOST) show on television.
But anyway, the first 6 seasons are out on DVD, i have season 1-4, and i just finished watching season 3. There are these two great characters, Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler, and they rocked even more this season :D. (SPOILERS, DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW: everyone who watched further seasons know that both Tony and Michelle die in season 5 (actually, the episode of Tony dieing was i think the first 24 episode i ever saw, and i was like: 'Why's Jack crying so bad, it was just a random guy', but later on i was like: 'IT'S TONY, NOOOOOOO'), but Tony wasn't dead, he comes back in season 7, now as the 'bad guy'. I don't think it will be possible for Tony being to bad guy, he was like the constant good guy, even more good than Jack. He couldn't even kill the guy who killed his wife, he just couldn't do it. That's the kind of guy Tony is, and now what? He's a terrorist, i will not believe it, never!)

What do you mean, fangirlism? I'm still not calling myself a tonynite, right? :p And besides, i like the character of Michelle (his wife) too much.

The forum is growing (TDL i'm talking about this time), it's really funny to see, as soon as the trailer came out lots of 'old people' popped in for a while, and lots of new members joined. I really like it. The Narniahype is getting hold of me again, i can't believe i wasn't enthousiastic for the movie before, i really am now!!!! Only about 6 months left... *sigh*

And something funny too (well, for me, not for the person himself), the admin on my school forum accidentally banned himself, and can't get himself un-banned right now... ROFL, i really can't help it and feel bad about it, but it is so funny *lol*.

Got to go,


PS please: can someone explain to me what 'Here you go' in English means?


Anonymous Jonnylaw37 said...

I LOVE 24!! YAY PC Trailer!

3:47 PM  
Blogger Suus said...

Here you go? Dat is toch net zoiets als alsjeblieft?

6:33 PM  
Anonymous ferny said...

here you go? you mean like when we say it when we are giving someone something and are like "here you go" (meaning, this is for you, or this is yours, you asked for this, etc)?

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate 24. Dunno why. *rollseyes*

~Midnight Rider

12:04 AM  
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Blogger Ink said...

Absolutly agreed.

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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