Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mood ring, oh mood ring, tell me: will you bring...

Hello there,

I feel so ashamed, i haven't posted here in so long! My apoligies for that. *Ashamed*

So how have you all been? I've been great and not so good. School started again, it's still quite boring, but i must say i was really happy to see everyone from school again! So, i think i wouldn't want to miss it. This is my final year, in just a bit more than half a year i will be graduated, so that's great:D. After that i think i'm going to university, studying 'International relations and international organisations'. The main subjects there involve politics (love it), but besides that you also get lots of economics (love that too), law (have no idea) and history (could it be any better?). And that's not everything: you also have to do for one of your two minors a foreign language (English, Spanish, French or German), and that's just awesome:D. I love learning a language, and i especially love English, so i guess that'll be my choice. Then you have one minor left, which you can choose out of basically everything at the whole university. I'm going to Groningen (=city where the university is) on Friday, so i'll tell you what i think of it. *excited :D*

Besides that: we moved. We have lived in our new house for almost 3 months now. It's great, though it isn't completely 'home' yet. It will be though. Unfortunately we lost our cat during the move. She was here one day, and was gone the other. It's no fun, but those things happen.

I got a job:D I work at a local candy store, i've worked there two times so far, and i'm going again next saturday.

I recently found some hilarious conversations between me and IOWW, while i wasn't even there. I was on a holiday (constantly thinking about WHY i would want to kill Elisabeth if i had seen Pirates 2 (long time ago, i know)), and she wrote this.

NOTE: tie yourself to your chair ;). Me = IOWW, Lieke = Lieke (duh), and some of the other persons are just other persons ;).

Random person: Now I'm goign to win..
Lieke: In your dreams
Me: hey! Shush!
Lieke: Make me!
Lieke: You know, I'd beat you better than Sean.
Me: No you wouldn't, I always beat you in the last Post Game.
Lieke: nu-uh!
Me: Yeah-huh!
Lieke: nu-uh!
Me: Yeah-huh!
Lieke: nu-uh!
Me: Yeah-huh!
Lieke: nu-uh!
Me: Yeah-huh!
Lieke: Nu-uh times infinity.
Me: Darn...
Lieke: You think they've noticed were here yet?
Me: I think they think we're here.
Lieke: mean we aren't really here?
Me: yes we are.
Lieke: ...
Saruman: *Jadis then not only turns Sean back into stone, but turns Arwen into stone and shoves her off the cliff * The Wizard is still winning, hehehehe!
Lieke: Hey! Only I shove people off lcifs!
Me: yeah, you tell him Lieke!
Lieke: *shoves me off cliff*
Me: Heeeyyyy!!!!!
tottyfruitty: yes i ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *falls on chelsea and lieke*
ha suckers
Me: Uh 'Lieke is about to kill somebody' sense is tingling...
Lieke: *about to kill someone*
Princess_Iliana: *points at mya and runs away screaming "I WIN!!!!!"* :D
Me: *pulls up a lawn chair*
Lieke: *attacks*
Lieke: wow..we leave for a couple horus and everythings still same old same old.
Me: I know! They just can't have a party without us.
Lieke: Tru dat!
Me: ye-uh.
Lieke: Um...why are we talking like Gangstas?
Me: We ain't talkin gangsta, yo. Peace to my homies! WEST SIDE!
Lieke: No.
Me: Yeah, I know.
Gondor Knight of Narnia: *Pulls IOWW n' Lieke into pit of ravenous carrots n' climbs out of plastic snapping turtle pit* I WINS!!
Me: You seem to forget, I'm the Queen of the Carrots!
Lieke; Yep. ANd I am the ruler of the Cabbage!
Me: ...when was that decided?
Lieke: I don't know..I just needed to say something...
Gondor Knight of Narnia: *Shoves Iliana n' Lieke n' IOWW into a den of wild ravenous...BUNNY WABBITS!!! :eek:* I WINS!! :D
Me: Don't make me get Tyra Sean...
Lieke: Yeah, don't make her get her!
Me: I still have to unleash her on you for stealing the Pie.
Lieke: *GASP* He stole the pie???
Me: Where have you been?

NOTE from Blogger: this was hopefully before the MPLF time, and if not: tell me and i will shove IOWW off a cliff:D
Princess_Iliana: *passes out*
Lieke: OMG! She just passed out!
Me: Huh? What?
Lieke: Her! PASS! OUT! NOW!
Me: YOu can make people pass out? AWESOME!
Lieke: NO! She just passed out!
Me: So, you can't make people pass out?
Lieke; *face palm*
GKON: *Turns IOWW into a head of lettuce n' Lieke into a bottle of salad dressing * "Here ya go" I WINS!!
Lieke: Darn I really am stuck with you forever!
Me: Hey! At least I'm the healthy one!
Lieke: Wait...Sean ATE us?
Me: He did?
Me: We have?
Lieke: Oh Will anybody save us??
Me: Will they?
Lieke: Oh the Ho- that vault?
Me: I-I think it is!
Lieke: *evil grin*
Lieke: He burped us out!
Me: YAY!
Lieke: Now, arm yourself with poprocks ancd coke, just incase he tries to eat us again.
Me: Wow, and all this time I thought I was the smart one.
Lieke: You can't be smart if you have ADD Chels...
Me: Who says I have ad- *gasp* LOOK! A bunny!

Maybe more to come soon ;).

And at last the 10 COMMANDMENTS OF DUFFERLAND! (Made by me and IOWW):

1: Thou shalt not double Post
2: Thous shalt REALLY not double post.
3: I'm serious, Double post and thee shall pay!
4: ThOu MaY nOt TyPe LyKe ThIs
5: If thou starts to play the LPG, thou must not stop.
6: Thou must ally with other thous in the One Off, One On game.
7: Thou must play Mafia at least one, despite it not being in Dufferland.
8: Thou Shall not betray thy fellow Duffers, unless it be in the One on, One Off thread.
9: If thy steals another's Avatar, thou shalt be smited with tomatoes and major shunning.
10: If thou posts a message only containing (Skandar/William/Anna/Georgie/James/Tilda/Anybody else) is Hott, thou shalt be punished by death or major shunning.

Next time i'll post the 'You know you're a Duffer...' things ;).

Have to go again, see you folks soon.


PS: GKoN and Saruman, if you happen to read this: COME BACK!!!!


Anonymous fernie said...

lol, lieke, your blogs are always so hilarious to read. you love learning languages? me to; i also love international type stuff. well, your blog is great. i wate patiently for another update

1:15 AM  
Blogger Suus said...

Be ashamed indeed! It's always nice to read your blogs :) The chat conversation doesn't tell me that much, but I'm glad you had a good time ;) and you decided what you're going to study!

Good luck at school, see you soon!

6:40 PM  

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