Friday, June 01, 2007

*gasp* almost a month...

Hello there,

Finally an update (i'm ashamed, it's been almost a month), but it's here (Everyone: *yayayayay*).

So i have a new hobby, it's called 'finding-english-words-that-are-difficult', i've got one already:

Me: Gastrovascular



You just know you want to say it, come on, say it:

Everyone: Come on, Peter, GASTROVASCULAR
Peter: *weird face* well... is it Latin?
Everyone: Yes
Annoying kid: Is it Latin for 'worst game ever invented'?
Everone: *facepalm*
Me: yeah right...

hehe, lol :D

I've seen Pirates 3, it was great. Will gets better every movie (and no, i'm NOT an Orlando Bloom fan... blegh, fangirlism... *runs for the nites:D*) Jack was great as always, and Elisabeth was quite nice too :D Barbosa was thé best! Well, it was just great (oh, and Gibbs was cool too).

It's almost EOJD here, a christian festival like thing, and there are going to be some nice bands/singers: Stellar Kart (kinda like Relient K, which means it's GREAT), Group1Crew, have no idea how they are, and Chris Tomlin, he is good too. Some Dutch artists too, and some preacher like guys who are going to tell us something about the theme of the day: 'Dream bigger', i can't wait :D.

You know, i just relised two things:
1. i don't know how to spell relized...
2. large parts of my blog is inside-joke like *grin*, really it is, i'm sure there are only a few people who read this, who actually understand it all... if they excist at all *grin*:D

Which reminds me: i have to ask GKoN if i can borrow his 'Fake-beard' banner :D

In English class today we were trying to make as many words out of 'embarassment' as we could, we arrived at 72 i think, but we could have made it to 100 easily, we just had to put an 's' after lots of words:D. I say: give it a try

Have to go again,

In case i don't see you: goodafternoon, goodevening and goodbye :D (the person who can tell me from which movie that line is WITHOUT searching for it gets the CW... for a day :p)



Blogger Eowyn said...

First: it's realized. *grin*(I've just learned that one recently myself!)

And second...I love your last post! :D I hadn't seen it. :o

*lol* I forgot NF smily codes won't work – but you know what they mean, I don't doubt! *grin*

9:07 PM  

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