Tuesday, March 27, 2007

*opens door and steps in*

Hello there,

Finally: an update! For people (and other creatures) that have read my blog before and have been dying for an update: i am terribly sorry. Just a short explanation: i suffered from RSI, which means that if i get on the computer my arm starts to hurt pretty bad, and it has been so bad that i couldn't even lift my school bag. Fortunately: it is much better now, and i'm allowed to go on the computer for some time a day... YEAH! :D

Good things about being back:
1. i can update my blog
2. i can be on NarniaFans again
3. i can spend my time without a serious purpose :D

Bad things about being back:"
1. ....
2. ........
3. ............ oh yeah: if i don't watch out, RSI is going to be back soon :(

But well: besides all that i've been doing pretty good, actually. A lot of the stress is gone, we are just before another test week again, and i'm studying already, but i think it's going to work out. Last testweek was even worse than the one you all knew about, but this time it's going to work: i'm sure :D

I got my scooter driver's licence (YAY) which means that i can now go to school a bit faster, although i don't use it much yet.

We got the keys to our new house, and i've decided to make my new room blue and green :D. IT'S GREAT!

THE SUN SHINES!!!!!!! I'm one of those people whose mood changes very much when the sun shines (i should get a mood ring, no wait, i have one)! AND IT SHINES!!! YAY!!!! I love it!

We have season 2 of LOST, and LOST is the best serie i've ever seen! Also i have the first season of 24 on DVD, and a friend of mine has the first two seasons of The A-Team (i love it when a plan comes together) and she told me i could borrow them! YAY:D Life is good!

We have this thing in our church called 'Gezelligheid Gezocht', which is a thing for people who are feeling lonely and who want to have a nice meal and coffee and stuff with each other. This saturday the first gathering will be held, and we (as the team in charge of the organisation) are very nervous, prayers would be appreciated.

Also this saturday i'm going to a university to get some information about a study that i might want to follow there. It is a study about politics, and i think it would be perfect for me. I hope that it's as good as i think it is!!! :D

Now something sad: i saw that someone on the NF forum (to people who know him: HB) left, or kinda left, and that's not good, a very big loss to the duffers! I'm planning to travel to Canada and tell him to get back on, but my parents won't let me, grrr (:p).

Relient K has a new album: 5 score and 7 years ago! It's cool! I haven't heard it entirely, but so far it sounds great! I lOvE rElIeNt K (and i just broke one of the Duffer commandments by typing like that :D:p)

Anyway, i have to stop like... now, and this time i won't wait so long to update *embarresed*

With lots of hugs,


We are the pirates, who don't do anything
We just stay at home, and lie around
And if you ask us, to do anything
We'll just tell you, we don't do anything

(sorry, just had to do that :D)


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