Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Hello there,

I HAVE PROBABLY FOUND A LANGUAGE SCHOOL!!!!! I'm so happy, it's in the UK, and i'm going there for 15 days, learning English.

Besides that, today i worked on some school assignments. And i've been on the forum (The Dancing Lawn) a lot. I'm the host of an online Mafia game, and i like it very much. We are currently playing game thee, and there is a lot confusion, people still don't know who to vote for, mhuahahahahaha :D . Besides that, Queen Swantwhite made me a beautifull banner with Elrond in it.

Does any of you know Garfield, the big fat orange kat? I do, and i love it, the sarcasm and cynism, really it is great! You can view some comics here: click

Don't you love it? :D

See you all,



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