Saturday, November 18, 2006


Hello there,

So how have you all been this week? I've been good :D. Playing in church went pretty well, not great, but definitely not bad either. The theme of that day was "Online with God" and it made you think about how much we were doing other stuff like being on the internet, talking to friends etc. and how little time we spend with God, while He should be the most important person in our lives. Well, it made me think about it.

I also read the first part of the book "The Dream Giver" written by Bruce Wilkinson. I don't know if you've read it, but if you haven't, i highly recommend it. IT'S A GREAT BOOK! (For the Dutch people that read this, in Dutch the title is "De Droomgever", surprise ha :p).

I'm currently downloading all episodes of NarniaFansCast with iTunes. I just realized i haven't even heard all of them, so i decided to download every episode. It took me a while to figure out how, but it's working:D.

Okay, as Dernhelm said on her xanga, the duffering is going pretty bad, it seems that now almost everyone lost their inner Duffer. The good thing is: it can't get worse *rolleyes*. But hey, look who's talking, i hardly duffer anymore... *sigh* well i know that it will be better someday and then we will rule the forum forever and ever and ever and ever *inside joke* :p.

So the elections are coming in 4 days, I LOVE IT! I'm really into politics, and i think that the party i would vote for if i was old enough is going to get more votes this time :D. So, i'll tell you how it ends.

Another thing, we are going to move :D It's sure now!!!

Have to go, and check if my computer downloaded episode two yet ;)

See you,



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