Saturday, November 11, 2006


Hello there,

After working really hard this week it is finally over!!! YAYAYAYAY!!! I'm tired, but really happy about it, especially since i know that i don't have that much urgent things to do next week :D.

I have to play at a church tomorrow, and i'm nervous... Like really nervous, i hope things will go alright, but i doubt it... and i hate when that happends.

Today was nice, i went to look at the university, at the study economics, it wasn't bad, not great also. After that i did my job (getting letters to the right address), and this night i had a party. My friend's birthday was yesterday, and we (me and some other friends) gave her an "i'm with stupid" T-shirt... unfortunately it pointed to me :p.

Me and Mrs. Gil Galad Took (TDL) discussed Dutch politics yesterday and today, and it was fun, a good conversation with someone who i could talk to while not agreeing completely. That doesn't happen that often. I also got a really nice pm from a friend who left.

We should be starting Mafia (game four) again today, but i don't have the energy to do it now, so i'll do it tomorrow. I never realized it took so much time, but well... it's nice when it's set up. Maybe i will let someone else host it in game five.

Well, that was it i guess...

See you!



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