Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day off

Hello there,

I'm lucky, today is "dankdag" which you could translate as "Thanksgiving" but it's not quite the same, the day is not such a big day, and only Christians (which i am) celebrate it. I like not going to school, but i'm working on some school assignments. I made tests recently and i made Math and Science very bad, so i'm doing those over again, hopefully they will go better this time.

Also i'm searching for an English language school. My English writing is about 10 times as good as my English pronoucation, so the pronoucation is bad. I'm looking for a junior course in the summer of 2006 in the United Kingdom. So if any of you happen to know a course, you can always give a comment ;).

Rest of the day: i'm going to church this evening, about 7.30 pm i think. I'm going to look furthur for a language school, and i'm trying to make some things for school.

Maybe i'll update tonight, if i have time :)

See you all,



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