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Where Orange Olives Travel...

Hello there,

I heard you think it: 'Where Orange Olives Travel'? What the... Explanation: the 'Bring back the Duffers' thread:

*RoseWithoutThorns*: wOOt

Olorin the Wise: What does 'woot' mean? I think it's a conspiracy... THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL BEN THE EGG AGAIN!!

That's what conspiracies do, ya know...

Lieke: Don't worry, read the other thread, i stopped them

But conspiracies do indeed such things, they try to kill Ben, and in the end they try to come to The Can... But they will never succeed *guards*

Olorin the Wise: You still haven't told me what 'woot' means... *suspicious*

SlpNarniaQueen: Woot means Where Orange Olives Travel...

Dernhelm: That sounds scary.

And that is how it started: Where Orange Olives Travel, now i tell you: what would you have done if you had read such a conversation? I did this:

When Orange Olives Travel - by Lieke

Chapter one: Larry

One upon a time there was an orange olive named Larry. He loved to eat grapefruits, cook and kill butterflies. He was a very nasty olive. One day he was chasing a butterfly called Dernhelm, who was chasing a hungry-for-chocolate-RF and he saw how RF got a piece of chocolate from GKoN. She screamed WOOT and he suddenly remembered an old poem his grandmother used to tell him.

Where WO and OT meet,
Where the waves go WOOT
Doubt not, Larry
To find all things good
Go to the utter east.

So Larry decided to search for all things good, and he went east. Not knowing that the land of Elsewhere was in the east (it was replaced by the evil Olorin) and that there was an evil creature guarding the passage to it.

Anyway, he went on traveling, and he came to a strange tunnel, decided to go in, and walked through... almost, because just before he was at the end he heard a strange noise...

End of chapter one, chapter two is coming soon to a forum near you

Note: only funny when you know the poem that Reepicheep gets in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader in the series 'The Chronicles of Narnia', and when you have read the Duffer threads, The Duffer award (about the search for Elsewhere), Eeeeggggssss (also about the search for Elsewhere) and Dramatic Entrance (about RF, Dernhelm and GKoN)

Enough about that:

I have the new Relient K cd 'Five score and seven years ago' and it's GREAT! I think i memorised about 3/4 part of the CD if not more, and i'm trying to play 'Deathbed' on the piano, and i can do a great part of it already. I'm looking for the sheet music of 'Deathbed' so if anyone has an idea about where to find it...?

I've seen the complete second season of LOST and the first two episodes of the third season, it's thé best show i've ever seen! It's so exiting, me, my two sisters and my almost-brother-in-law are watching it together, and we just can't wait 'till the DVD's of season 3 come out here in The Netherlands. I love Desmond, but Sawyer is still my favorite, he and Kate are love :D Anyone else watches it?

Have to go, see you!


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