Thursday, November 02, 2006


Hello there,

Today was not very special. When i woke up i had to hurry because i was late. I got my bike and went to school, and it was so cold. My legs were almost frozen when i arrived...
Then we had an hour physics, my teacher is a bit dumb, and he tried to explain some things, and strange enough i even got it :D.
After that i had two hours off, in which i did some homework, not very much, some math.
Then i had an hour Math (which was cool, because i understand it :D ) and after that computer classes (which i hate!!!). Then i had chemistry (we didn't actually had a lesson, my teacher told us about something that happened before autumn break, and i won't repeat it here). Then another hour off, and after that ANW, which is something like the basics of physics and chemistry (VERY VERY BORING!). We had to give a presentation, and we held one about the creation story of the old Greeks. Not very interesting, but i liked to do it, because my friend was practicing it the hour before ANW and it was so funny (tears were all over my face from laughing :D ).

After that i went home (it was already 3.30 pm) and i knew that when i came home i had to go to the dentist. But i didn't have to, because the appointment turned out to be early, and i wasn't home yet, YAY :D.

Now i'm typing this. I just let one game of online Mafia end (on the forum of my class) and the murderers lost... very bad :p. The online Mafia game on TDL is going quite well, it is currently day five, and people have to vote, it is very interesting...

Well, time to go, i have to do some stuff ;)

See you,



Anonymous Suus said...

Hi there Lieke,

For you a little story in our favorite language. I wasn't really surprised to read you got something during physics. I'm more surprised our "beloved teacher" got it as well ;-) *don't you just love the sarcasm on that one...*

It's a sport for our class to find an error in his calculations, and we manage to do this time after time *ROFL*

Please leave a message on my boring blog...:-)

(K) Suus

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Suus said...

I just tried to leave a message over here, but this darn thing isn't working :S

I was trying to see, your blog looks very OK !


8:36 PM  
Blogger Lieke said...

Thanks mate, it works now:D I found the mistake i've made, but everything seems to be fine.


11:50 PM  

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