Thursday, December 06, 2007

24, test week, Caspian trailer, forum...

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a beautiful day, first of all, it was Sinterklaas in the Netherlands (check wikipedia for more info: here ), that's about the best holiday out here (maybe except for christmas), and everyone is in this great mood :D. So that was cool! But also another reason why yesterday was a great day: the Prince Caspian trailer was released!!!!!!!!!!!! (You can view it on Narniafans.)

I must say that i am very happy about this, and definately excited for the upcoming movie. And also very relieved because the trailer did look awesome. The four pevensies look great again (my, Georgie has grown lots!), and i even didn't dislike William this time :p. Anyway, the scenes are very promising, and i'm definately looking forward to the duel between Peter and Miraz (and especially the interaction between Edmund and Peter at the moment, because that is the second-best part of the book!). The part i'm looking forward to the most is the 'almost waking of the trees', you know: when Lucy tries to talk to them, but they don't wake just yet. And then she can see Aslan, but the others can't, and they walk to Aslan's how, based on what Lucy is saying. That will be awesome!! (hopefully)

Just finished my test week, i only had 3 :D. First math, it went really well (teacher said i got somewhere around the 8, so that's really good, and i'm really happy!), then i had chemistry, that went horrible (fortunately i expected that, and everyone thought it was horrible, so...), and today i had Dutch, and i think it went okay.

But it's over now :D.

Then 24: i don't know if you guys/girls know the show, but it is awesome! It's about this federal agent, called Jack Bauer, and he is in all kind of trouble all the time (mainly fighting terrorists, but whatever). It's either the best or the second best (after LOST) show on television.
But anyway, the first 6 seasons are out on DVD, i have season 1-4, and i just finished watching season 3. There are these two great characters, Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler, and they rocked even more this season :D. (SPOILERS, DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW: everyone who watched further seasons know that both Tony and Michelle die in season 5 (actually, the episode of Tony dieing was i think the first 24 episode i ever saw, and i was like: 'Why's Jack crying so bad, it was just a random guy', but later on i was like: 'IT'S TONY, NOOOOOOO'), but Tony wasn't dead, he comes back in season 7, now as the 'bad guy'. I don't think it will be possible for Tony being to bad guy, he was like the constant good guy, even more good than Jack. He couldn't even kill the guy who killed his wife, he just couldn't do it. That's the kind of guy Tony is, and now what? He's a terrorist, i will not believe it, never!)

What do you mean, fangirlism? I'm still not calling myself a tonynite, right? :p And besides, i like the character of Michelle (his wife) too much.

The forum is growing (TDL i'm talking about this time), it's really funny to see, as soon as the trailer came out lots of 'old people' popped in for a while, and lots of new members joined. I really like it. The Narniahype is getting hold of me again, i can't believe i wasn't enthousiastic for the movie before, i really am now!!!! Only about 6 months left... *sigh*

And something funny too (well, for me, not for the person himself), the admin on my school forum accidentally banned himself, and can't get himself un-banned right now... ROFL, i really can't help it and feel bad about it, but it is so funny *lol*.

Got to go,


PS please: can someone explain to me what 'Here you go' in English means?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sometimes when you come across some posts... wonder if you're the only one who has not gone mad!

Just read this post (from Mr. Duffer himself... that's Holyboy for the n00bs):

I'm feeling a lot of negative energy in this thread. I know how to cheer everyone up!

(for, again, the n00bs, that's the 'Making Fun of the Non Mods')

(Coming in 3 months. Or when the next paper is due)

(PS, no kicking people out of the thread or Role-Playing them into characters without their consent)

(PPS No role-playing in this thread. That belongs in the Dawn Treader)

(PPPS If ItW is the mom, ES is the dad, and Inky is the aunt, am I the drunk brother? Oh the questions of life)

(PPPPS Since like 5 of you are already planning on posting "yes" to the above PS, please actually write something more original then "10 thingy" in green text. Even if its like "I am not writing 10 thingy in green text because HB told me to.")

(PPPPPS No, you cannot write "I am not writing 10 thingy in green text because HB told me to." as your original text, because I already posted it as an original idea and it would be uber-obvious if you just copied my idea and it is lame to copy other people's ideas in plain sight. )

(PPPPPPS Since like 10 people are about to copy my continuous use of PPPSs, don't do it because, again, it would be uber-obvious if you just copied my idea and it is lame to copy other people's ideas in plain sight.)

(PPPPPPPS How did I know that 5 people were going to post "I am not writing 10 thingy in green text because HB told me to" and 10 people are about to copy my continuous use of PPPSs? Because I have done both of these things like 10 times already. That's right, I am recycling old ideas AND I know how the members are going to react. I really need a job...)

(PPPPPPPPS I bet you didn't know that the PPPSs idea was actually stolen from BlackClock. That's right, I stole this idea from an old member on the board that no one has heard of before. And no one noticed, because I did not make it uber-obvious that I stole the idea. MUAHAHAHAHAHA)

(PPPPPPPPPS ...BlackClock can't fly. And neither can donkeys.)

(PPPPPPPPPPS It's sad that I am posting this and I actually don't have a paper due tomorrow)

(PPPPPPPPPPPS It's also sad that you are still reading this. If you are reading this and have realised that this is a waste of time, please send your complaints to

(PPPPPPPPPPPPS This is the PSs that never end....If you have no idea what this is, go watch some old Shari Lewis and Lambchop. They ended one of their shows with this song and it truly got annoying.)

(PPPPPPPPPPPPPS If you don't know who Shari Lewis and Lambchop are, then step into the line entitled "Smite the heathen")

(PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS I wonder how much longer I can do this?)

(PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS Did you notice that the PS above this one had too many Ps in it?)

(PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS The answer to the above question is "No HB, you are too smart for us to notice such an obscure detail" and my response would be "That's what happens when you become a mod" and then you can't throw fruit at me because this is the mod appriciation thread, so you have to put up with my rambling and speeling mistackes)

(PSSSSSSSSSSSSS Yes this is wrong. Get over it)

(PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS ....running...out...of...ideas.... can't...stop!!!!)



My big thanks to Mr. HB who made my day :D.

Really, the funny thing was that i was actually going to do anything he said from PPPS untill PPPPPPPS... does that make me crazy too? (Tell me it doesn't... please... cookie?)

Speaking of cookies, check this out:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
ROFL, i recently came across a few good ones, like:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well, what did you think? :D

Btw, i promised to post the 'you know you're a duffer if...' thingys this time, but well, i already posted HB's post, so i'll save to other one until later.

Which reminds me that me and Dernhelm never actually finished the 'Duffer trivia', unfortunately, we had some pretty good questions :D
I might find the old pms, lets see (yeah, i'm such a freak, i save old pms from me and Derny, i still have hope of using them as Duffer evidence at some time:D)

Okay, who knows the answer to this one (it's rather easy):

what happends when the sun shines on the Trash Can?
1. you are attacked by the brotherhood of the can because you were keeping the shadow away from the Trash Can
2. you lose your chewing gum
3. you get an umbrella and make sure that nothing happends to the Trash Can
4. you worship it

I could post a link, but i know that you'll all watch that one... ah, whatever: LOOK HERE . From GrayCloaks post (the 6th one on this page) on it's about the Trash Can, this is about the best duffering ever... i guess).

Anyway, got to go.


PS I wonder what you think right now
PPS you knew it.

^look HB, it's also possible with just 2!! :p.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mood ring, oh mood ring, tell me: will you bring...

Hello there,

I feel so ashamed, i haven't posted here in so long! My apoligies for that. *Ashamed*

So how have you all been? I've been great and not so good. School started again, it's still quite boring, but i must say i was really happy to see everyone from school again! So, i think i wouldn't want to miss it. This is my final year, in just a bit more than half a year i will be graduated, so that's great:D. After that i think i'm going to university, studying 'International relations and international organisations'. The main subjects there involve politics (love it), but besides that you also get lots of economics (love that too), law (have no idea) and history (could it be any better?). And that's not everything: you also have to do for one of your two minors a foreign language (English, Spanish, French or German), and that's just awesome:D. I love learning a language, and i especially love English, so i guess that'll be my choice. Then you have one minor left, which you can choose out of basically everything at the whole university. I'm going to Groningen (=city where the university is) on Friday, so i'll tell you what i think of it. *excited :D*

Besides that: we moved. We have lived in our new house for almost 3 months now. It's great, though it isn't completely 'home' yet. It will be though. Unfortunately we lost our cat during the move. She was here one day, and was gone the other. It's no fun, but those things happen.

I got a job:D I work at a local candy store, i've worked there two times so far, and i'm going again next saturday.

I recently found some hilarious conversations between me and IOWW, while i wasn't even there. I was on a holiday (constantly thinking about WHY i would want to kill Elisabeth if i had seen Pirates 2 (long time ago, i know)), and she wrote this.

NOTE: tie yourself to your chair ;). Me = IOWW, Lieke = Lieke (duh), and some of the other persons are just other persons ;).

Random person: Now I'm goign to win..
Lieke: In your dreams
Me: hey! Shush!
Lieke: Make me!
Lieke: You know, I'd beat you better than Sean.
Me: No you wouldn't, I always beat you in the last Post Game.
Lieke: nu-uh!
Me: Yeah-huh!
Lieke: nu-uh!
Me: Yeah-huh!
Lieke: nu-uh!
Me: Yeah-huh!
Lieke: nu-uh!
Me: Yeah-huh!
Lieke: Nu-uh times infinity.
Me: Darn...
Lieke: You think they've noticed were here yet?
Me: I think they think we're here.
Lieke: mean we aren't really here?
Me: yes we are.
Lieke: ...
Saruman: *Jadis then not only turns Sean back into stone, but turns Arwen into stone and shoves her off the cliff * The Wizard is still winning, hehehehe!
Lieke: Hey! Only I shove people off lcifs!
Me: yeah, you tell him Lieke!
Lieke: *shoves me off cliff*
Me: Heeeyyyy!!!!!
tottyfruitty: yes i ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *falls on chelsea and lieke*
ha suckers
Me: Uh 'Lieke is about to kill somebody' sense is tingling...
Lieke: *about to kill someone*
Princess_Iliana: *points at mya and runs away screaming "I WIN!!!!!"* :D
Me: *pulls up a lawn chair*
Lieke: *attacks*
Lieke: wow..we leave for a couple horus and everythings still same old same old.
Me: I know! They just can't have a party without us.
Lieke: Tru dat!
Me: ye-uh.
Lieke: Um...why are we talking like Gangstas?
Me: We ain't talkin gangsta, yo. Peace to my homies! WEST SIDE!
Lieke: No.
Me: Yeah, I know.
Gondor Knight of Narnia: *Pulls IOWW n' Lieke into pit of ravenous carrots n' climbs out of plastic snapping turtle pit* I WINS!!
Me: You seem to forget, I'm the Queen of the Carrots!
Lieke; Yep. ANd I am the ruler of the Cabbage!
Me: ...when was that decided?
Lieke: I don't know..I just needed to say something...
Gondor Knight of Narnia: *Shoves Iliana n' Lieke n' IOWW into a den of wild ravenous...BUNNY WABBITS!!! :eek:* I WINS!! :D
Me: Don't make me get Tyra Sean...
Lieke: Yeah, don't make her get her!
Me: I still have to unleash her on you for stealing the Pie.
Lieke: *GASP* He stole the pie???
Me: Where have you been?

NOTE from Blogger: this was hopefully before the MPLF time, and if not: tell me and i will shove IOWW off a cliff:D
Princess_Iliana: *passes out*
Lieke: OMG! She just passed out!
Me: Huh? What?
Lieke: Her! PASS! OUT! NOW!
Me: YOu can make people pass out? AWESOME!
Lieke: NO! She just passed out!
Me: So, you can't make people pass out?
Lieke; *face palm*
GKON: *Turns IOWW into a head of lettuce n' Lieke into a bottle of salad dressing * "Here ya go" I WINS!!
Lieke: Darn I really am stuck with you forever!
Me: Hey! At least I'm the healthy one!
Lieke: Wait...Sean ATE us?
Me: He did?
Me: We have?
Lieke: Oh Will anybody save us??
Me: Will they?
Lieke: Oh the Ho- that vault?
Me: I-I think it is!
Lieke: *evil grin*
Lieke: He burped us out!
Me: YAY!
Lieke: Now, arm yourself with poprocks ancd coke, just incase he tries to eat us again.
Me: Wow, and all this time I thought I was the smart one.
Lieke: You can't be smart if you have ADD Chels...
Me: Who says I have ad- *gasp* LOOK! A bunny!

Maybe more to come soon ;).

And at last the 10 COMMANDMENTS OF DUFFERLAND! (Made by me and IOWW):

1: Thou shalt not double Post
2: Thous shalt REALLY not double post.
3: I'm serious, Double post and thee shall pay!
4: ThOu MaY nOt TyPe LyKe ThIs
5: If thou starts to play the LPG, thou must not stop.
6: Thou must ally with other thous in the One Off, One On game.
7: Thou must play Mafia at least one, despite it not being in Dufferland.
8: Thou Shall not betray thy fellow Duffers, unless it be in the One on, One Off thread.
9: If thy steals another's Avatar, thou shalt be smited with tomatoes and major shunning.
10: If thou posts a message only containing (Skandar/William/Anna/Georgie/James/Tilda/Anybody else) is Hott, thou shalt be punished by death or major shunning.

Next time i'll post the 'You know you're a Duffer...' things ;).

Have to go again, see you folks soon.


PS: GKoN and Saruman, if you happen to read this: COME BACK!!!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

EOJD, me and RF's evilness and my arm... it's going to be interesting... maybe :p

Hello there (i should really find a catchy openings-phrase),

How about:

Welcome a board, we are glad that you have decided to travel with air Lieke from computer to blogger, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for the flight.

First item today: EOJD!
As you might have read in my previous post: the EOJD was coming up. Now it's over, and it was great! The preachers-kind-of-guys talked about how God wanted us to 'Dream bigger' than we do now. That He has something far greater in mind than we have, and that He wants to share His dream with us. It was very nice. Then there were the artists. Chris Tomlin was, as expected, great! I like his music, it's pretty well-known here and not too hard to sing along. Group1Crew was not great, but not bad either. I actually kinda liked the music itself, but the music was too loud, i actually walked out a moment to give my ears some rest (HEADACHE, HEADACHE, i'm sure the duffers are happy). Stellar Kart was great too, but i'm into such kind of music. I liked it, though it was almost impossible to sing along (too fast).
I wanted to buy a 'Dream Bigger' T-shirt, but they were sold out when i got there... :(
But anyway: it was great.

Second item: me and RF's evilness. Just to explain for the people who don't know it. Once upon a time there were four people in the Dramatic Entrance thread on the NF forum. There names be RF, GKoN, toj and Lieke. They happened to be mother (RF), Father (GKoN) and daugthers (toj and Lieke). The Father was a (noble??:p) knight, but the mother was evil. Then there were the two daughters, toj, who was just like her father and Lieke, who is also evil.
Here it is: thé question of all questions: which smil... wait... wrong!! THAT WAS NOT THÉ QUESTION!!!!!!!
Again: Who is more evil, me or RF.

Now, of course you all know that i am way more evil than RF is, but for some reason she is still in denial. So if you would all post a comment that i am more evil, send her a pm that i am more evil or post in the non-mod thread, that'd be great! *can't wait to see her face when she reads this* I'm so evil, mhuahahahahahaha:D

Btw, GKoN is not evil, he is probably ducttaped to some train, trying to calm RF with a chocolate bar, while toj left... :( That reminds me, i still have to ask him if i can borrow his Gandalf banner... :D

Third item: my arm. So it was going worse a while and then my miracle-mom decided to give massage one more try, and it worked fantasticly!!! It's like... almost gone now :eek: (which was kinda stupid because i just said goodbey against the people from TDL and i didn't leave, i hate it when people say they leave and don't... it's so stupid *embarresed*). But then again: YAY :D I actually have great hope that it will go away very soon, completely!!! YAYAYAYAYAY

Now i have to go, i have test week and have to study a lot... And i may start to play piano in a choir, so that's great! More about that later.

See you,


Friday, June 01, 2007

*gasp* almost a month...

Hello there,

Finally an update (i'm ashamed, it's been almost a month), but it's here (Everyone: *yayayayay*).

So i have a new hobby, it's called 'finding-english-words-that-are-difficult', i've got one already:

Me: Gastrovascular



You just know you want to say it, come on, say it:

Everyone: Come on, Peter, GASTROVASCULAR
Peter: *weird face* well... is it Latin?
Everyone: Yes
Annoying kid: Is it Latin for 'worst game ever invented'?
Everone: *facepalm*
Me: yeah right...

hehe, lol :D

I've seen Pirates 3, it was great. Will gets better every movie (and no, i'm NOT an Orlando Bloom fan... blegh, fangirlism... *runs for the nites:D*) Jack was great as always, and Elisabeth was quite nice too :D Barbosa was thé best! Well, it was just great (oh, and Gibbs was cool too).

It's almost EOJD here, a christian festival like thing, and there are going to be some nice bands/singers: Stellar Kart (kinda like Relient K, which means it's GREAT), Group1Crew, have no idea how they are, and Chris Tomlin, he is good too. Some Dutch artists too, and some preacher like guys who are going to tell us something about the theme of the day: 'Dream bigger', i can't wait :D.

You know, i just relised two things:
1. i don't know how to spell relized...
2. large parts of my blog is inside-joke like *grin*, really it is, i'm sure there are only a few people who read this, who actually understand it all... if they excist at all *grin*:D

Which reminds me: i have to ask GKoN if i can borrow his 'Fake-beard' banner :D

In English class today we were trying to make as many words out of 'embarassment' as we could, we arrived at 72 i think, but we could have made it to 100 easily, we just had to put an 's' after lots of words:D. I say: give it a try

Have to go again,

In case i don't see you: goodafternoon, goodevening and goodbye :D (the person who can tell me from which movie that line is WITHOUT searching for it gets the CW... for a day :p)


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Where Orange Olives Travel...

Hello there,

I heard you think it: 'Where Orange Olives Travel'? What the... Explanation: the 'Bring back the Duffers' thread:

*RoseWithoutThorns*: wOOt

Olorin the Wise: What does 'woot' mean? I think it's a conspiracy... THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL BEN THE EGG AGAIN!!

That's what conspiracies do, ya know...

Lieke: Don't worry, read the other thread, i stopped them

But conspiracies do indeed such things, they try to kill Ben, and in the end they try to come to The Can... But they will never succeed *guards*

Olorin the Wise: You still haven't told me what 'woot' means... *suspicious*

SlpNarniaQueen: Woot means Where Orange Olives Travel...

Dernhelm: That sounds scary.

And that is how it started: Where Orange Olives Travel, now i tell you: what would you have done if you had read such a conversation? I did this:

When Orange Olives Travel - by Lieke

Chapter one: Larry

One upon a time there was an orange olive named Larry. He loved to eat grapefruits, cook and kill butterflies. He was a very nasty olive. One day he was chasing a butterfly called Dernhelm, who was chasing a hungry-for-chocolate-RF and he saw how RF got a piece of chocolate from GKoN. She screamed WOOT and he suddenly remembered an old poem his grandmother used to tell him.

Where WO and OT meet,
Where the waves go WOOT
Doubt not, Larry
To find all things good
Go to the utter east.

So Larry decided to search for all things good, and he went east. Not knowing that the land of Elsewhere was in the east (it was replaced by the evil Olorin) and that there was an evil creature guarding the passage to it.

Anyway, he went on traveling, and he came to a strange tunnel, decided to go in, and walked through... almost, because just before he was at the end he heard a strange noise...

End of chapter one, chapter two is coming soon to a forum near you

Note: only funny when you know the poem that Reepicheep gets in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader in the series 'The Chronicles of Narnia', and when you have read the Duffer threads, The Duffer award (about the search for Elsewhere), Eeeeggggssss (also about the search for Elsewhere) and Dramatic Entrance (about RF, Dernhelm and GKoN)

Enough about that:

I have the new Relient K cd 'Five score and seven years ago' and it's GREAT! I think i memorised about 3/4 part of the CD if not more, and i'm trying to play 'Deathbed' on the piano, and i can do a great part of it already. I'm looking for the sheet music of 'Deathbed' so if anyone has an idea about where to find it...?

I've seen the complete second season of LOST and the first two episodes of the third season, it's thé best show i've ever seen! It's so exiting, me, my two sisters and my almost-brother-in-law are watching it together, and we just can't wait 'till the DVD's of season 3 come out here in The Netherlands. I love Desmond, but Sawyer is still my favorite, he and Kate are love :D Anyone else watches it?

Have to go, see you!


P.S. leave comments, lots of them :D

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

*opens door and steps in*

Hello there,

Finally: an update! For people (and other creatures) that have read my blog before and have been dying for an update: i am terribly sorry. Just a short explanation: i suffered from RSI, which means that if i get on the computer my arm starts to hurt pretty bad, and it has been so bad that i couldn't even lift my school bag. Fortunately: it is much better now, and i'm allowed to go on the computer for some time a day... YEAH! :D

Good things about being back:
1. i can update my blog
2. i can be on NarniaFans again
3. i can spend my time without a serious purpose :D

Bad things about being back:"
1. ....
2. ........
3. ............ oh yeah: if i don't watch out, RSI is going to be back soon :(

But well: besides all that i've been doing pretty good, actually. A lot of the stress is gone, we are just before another test week again, and i'm studying already, but i think it's going to work out. Last testweek was even worse than the one you all knew about, but this time it's going to work: i'm sure :D

I got my scooter driver's licence (YAY) which means that i can now go to school a bit faster, although i don't use it much yet.

We got the keys to our new house, and i've decided to make my new room blue and green :D. IT'S GREAT!

THE SUN SHINES!!!!!!! I'm one of those people whose mood changes very much when the sun shines (i should get a mood ring, no wait, i have one)! AND IT SHINES!!! YAY!!!! I love it!

We have season 2 of LOST, and LOST is the best serie i've ever seen! Also i have the first season of 24 on DVD, and a friend of mine has the first two seasons of The A-Team (i love it when a plan comes together) and she told me i could borrow them! YAY:D Life is good!

We have this thing in our church called 'Gezelligheid Gezocht', which is a thing for people who are feeling lonely and who want to have a nice meal and coffee and stuff with each other. This saturday the first gathering will be held, and we (as the team in charge of the organisation) are very nervous, prayers would be appreciated.

Also this saturday i'm going to a university to get some information about a study that i might want to follow there. It is a study about politics, and i think it would be perfect for me. I hope that it's as good as i think it is!!! :D

Now something sad: i saw that someone on the NF forum (to people who know him: HB) left, or kinda left, and that's not good, a very big loss to the duffers! I'm planning to travel to Canada and tell him to get back on, but my parents won't let me, grrr (:p).

Relient K has a new album: 5 score and 7 years ago! It's cool! I haven't heard it entirely, but so far it sounds great! I lOvE rElIeNt K (and i just broke one of the Duffer commandments by typing like that :D:p)

Anyway, i have to stop like... now, and this time i won't wait so long to update *embarresed*

With lots of hugs,


We are the pirates, who don't do anything
We just stay at home, and lie around
And if you ask us, to do anything
We'll just tell you, we don't do anything

(sorry, just had to do that :D)